‘Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it's essential to being human’

Our Mission Statement

Mildura Academy of Music & Performance

At Mildura Academy of Music and Performance it is our mission to service Mildura and the surrounding areas with instrumental and music theory lessons of the highest quality. We will do so with the utmost professionalism towards the students, the staff, the business and our co-workers. It is our aim to make each day at Mildura Academy of Music and Performance a place of learning, enjoyment, passion, kindness and honesty. We aim to ensure that whilst in and out of the workplace we maintain a positive and driven attitude towards our positions at MAMP, so that we too can reflect this in our practice. We recognise what music is and can do for each students learning. We recognise that our role in their musical education will contribute immensely to their future in music and with that known, we hold their education delicately and passionately in our hands. We acknowledge that our work is shaping and contributing to the future of music education, music performance and the live music industry within our community. At MAMP, we strive for a positive, fun and engaging workplace. What drives us is our passion and commitment to music education and this is visible in our commitment to present ourselves professionally and act justly within our workplace. We believe it is imperative to keep ourselves everchanging to ensure that we are always providing the community with current first-rate music tuition.