MAMP Mini's

MAMP are thrilled to announce their latest program, MAMP's Minis!

MAMP are thrilled to bring you our latest program, MAMP's Minis! MAMP's Mini's is group music tuition aimed at children aged 0-4 years of age. At MAMP, we acknowledge that music education is beneficial to cognitive and social development well before children reach school. Throughout each lesson, your child will develop sensory engagement through pitch, rhythm, movement in music, mimicry & imitation, body percussion, drama through music and many more! Each activity is specifically catered around each child, as we understand that cognitive and social progression can differ immensely throughout this stage of development. Students will be encouraged to engage with other students and work alone when necessary, using body percussion, pitched and non pitched instruments, as well as props. MAMP's Mini's, is designed to be a fun and engaging program, that creates an exciting atmosphere where students are free to express their musical interests, in a safe and welcoming environment. Our mission is to engage, encourage and inspire all students throughout each lesson and spark a love and passion for music that endures. Parents and carers are welcomed and encouraged to attend each lesson and participate when necessary.


    Please choose from the following classes

    Wednesday 9.30am - 10.15am (0-4 years)

    Wednesday 10.30am - 11.15am (0-4 years)