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Music holds an important role in cultures, societies and schools all over the world and contributes to cognitive development like no other subject can. The study of Music assists in developing confidence, team work, co-ordination and self discipline. It generates high order thinking, and the ability to analyse, interpret and explore the creative mind.

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At MAMP we give our students more than a music lesson, rather we aim to develop whole musicians. What makes MAMP different to any other musical lesson offered is that the students not only get to learn about their chosen instrument, they get to learn about all instruments, styles and genres. It is a place where students get to learn all about music. Ultimately, with the help of our instrument specialist teachers, students will finish each term with a great improvement in their playing, reading and writing music, rhythm and pitch ability and performance skills.

I’m Stephanie Carbone


Bachelor in Music and Contemporary Performance

Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching

I absolutely love Music and I love teaching so to merge the two together for me truly gives meaning to the saying, "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." I believe that the best teachers are learners and every single day I am learning.

Mildura Academy of Music and Performance is not only my business, it's my passion ... I want to give the people of Mildura the platform, the utilities, the chance they deserve to share and better their own musical journey. Music is the best and I am so happy to be sharing my passion with you!

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    Mildura Academy of Music and Performance is a newly established Music school that welcomes students of all ages from Mildura and surrounding areas.