Mildura Womens Choir

Mildura Academy of Music and Performance presents to you
Mildura Women’s Choir

If you LOVE to sing but aren’t quite confident enough for one on one lessons or maybe are looking for something additional to your lessons, then Mildura Women’s Choir is the place for you! MWC is a choir that welcomes women from 18 years and above. It is a place for all women to come together and sing but as well as that, it is a place for women to gather, socialize, make new friends and to make time for themselves.

Why a choir?

Musically - There are endless benefits to being in a choir when it comes to developing your musical ability. Being a part of a choir is known for improving skills such as pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, aural skills and many many more!
Emotionally - Studies show that singing in a choir improves our mood, with a decrease in stress, depression and anxiety. These effects are often attributed to the deeper breathing associated with singing, that is also used in meditation. These benefits are enhanced in a group setting, compared to singing alone. As well as this, setting aside time to go to choir ensures that you make time for yourself. With all the craziness that life can bring it is rare for women to stop and make time for themselves. Being in a choir gives you the chance to do this, whilst doing something you love!
Socially - You get a chance to work on your social skills. In choirs, you often find people who love music the same way you do. This offers a sense of connection and belonging and may bring you the opportunity to create lifelong friendships. In this setting, you can also work on reducing your performance anxiety by singing with a group. Onstage with your peers, you may find that your anxieties about performing lessen and it may even give you the confidence to work your way from singing in the choir to auditioning for one of the solos with the choir.
Physically - It has been proven that singing in a group can contribute to; lower blood pressure, increased blood oxygen saturation, elevated immunity, higher pain threshold, stronger respiratory muscles, and less stuttering.
MWC is an affordable, engaging program that is held once a week. With so much to gain from a program such as this- you’d be crazy not to try it!


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    Monday 7.30pm - 8.30pm